Confetti Party
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Shiny confetti kit is a great way to sparkle your message.

The must have for celebrations, birthdays, weddings and promos.

$ 19 Graphic, Photoshop
Personal Wedding Portrait Creator
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With this item you can create a wedding portrait in seconds!
You can make a heartwarming, lovely personalized design, unique for such an outstanding event!

$ 12 Graphic, Photoshop
Realistic Chalk Sketch and Drawing Effect
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Get bright and amazing fancy pictures from your photos and text.
Sweet chalk shading in every pixel of the action!

$ 12 Effect, Photoshop
Catalogue Item Drop Shadow
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The new simple time-saver tool is ready to enlarge your productivity!
Use it for quick shadow cast from custom point of your catalogue items or other objects.

$ 8 Photoshop, Tool
Realistic Soft Drop Shadow Tool
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The new useful Photoshop actions set is ready to short your work time!
The “Soft Drop Shadow Tool” is amazing and easy way to drop shadow from your design elements such as text, object or group of objects in one click!

$ 12 Photoshop, Tool
Realistic Watercolor Painting Effect
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A high quality result in one click – everything what we like.
Make beautiful watercolor sketches and paintings right from your images!

$ 12 Effect, Photoshop
Realistic Colored Pencils Effect
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The brand new Photoshop action is ready for your projects.
Be prepared to get a high quality result which you’ve never seen before.

$ 12 Effect, Photoshop
Chromatic Aberration Refocus Kit
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The rainbow dispersion effect for your photographies!
Absolutely amazing colorful RGB split.
Pass your images and text through the lens color dispersion.

$ 10 Effect, Photoshop
Auto Crop Image
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I’m happy to give you easiest and fastest way to automatically crop multiple images.
Cut square and circle region from the center of your photos.
Can be used for userpics, thumbnails and galleries.

$ 7 Photoshop, Tool
“Rich” Metal Text Style — Vol 2 “Steel”
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Is a highly customizable set of handcrafted textures inside a shining metallic edge.
Can be used for deluxe-like labels, icons and logos.

$ 6 Photoshop, Style
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